Bringing together the best of Chinese hotpot and Thai meat grills to present a brand new hotpot buffet for the whole family

Known for their comforting hotpot dining experience, COCA’s distinct Thai-Chinese offering has warmed the hearts and tummies of generations of Singaporeans since they first opened in 1987. By marrying authentic Thai flavours with elements of traditional Cantonese home-dining, their range of premium meats, fresh seafood, and altogether exquisite items have made their hotpot buffet a local household name over the years.

Constantly reinventing themselves to provide fresh experiences and new options for diners and the contemporary generation, they now offer an exciting new Hot Thai Grill Hotpot Buffet.



By bringing together the beloved Thai method of grilling meat over a hot plate and our love for rich soup bases to sip on after dipping our ingredients in, COCA’s newest hotpot buffet offering is nothing short of indulgent, and an all-around ideal pick for a cosy family meal.



For fans of the restaurant, they can now go for the Premium Seafood Buffet – with their premium soup bases (laksa!) – and enjoy the new grill at no added cost.

Get the best of both worlds with unlimited orders of meats specially curated for the grill, including cuts of Spicy Pork Collar, Black Pepper Beef, Hua Diao Sesame Beef Short Ribs, and Garlic Pepper Pork Loin.



Diners also get to enjoy unlimited orders of seafood, Garlic Buffet, and other house specials like Fish Glue, Fortune Fish Paste, and Fish Ravioli.

Seafood choices include highlights such as Flower Crab, fresh Oysters, Flower Clam, Fish Rose Roll, Fresh Squid, Fishball With Roe, and even Fish Maw.



The Hot Thai Grill Hotpot Buffet also comes with a one-time order of premium Australian Wagyu Beef.

For diners who prefer the regular lunch and dinner buffet options, the Hot Thai Grill is also available as an add-on to elevate your all-you-can-eat buffet hotpot experience!


Available at COCA Suntec and COCA Kallang, find out more about the new Hot Thai Grill Hotpot Buffet on their website here.