COCA unveils all-new Fragrant Laksa Hotpot broth

Originating from Bangkok, where it has operated since 1987, COCA lends its name from the Mandarin word for “appetising”, or kě kǒu. As a Thai-Chinese hotpot restaurant, COCA’s distinctive flavours have resonated with many diners around the world over the decades. Today, it claims over 60 restaurants across 14 countries.


, COCA unveils all-new Fragrant Laksa Hotpot broth


On top of their seven unique broths, another soup flavour will stand out thanks to its rich, aromatic blend. For a limited time only, the spicy coconut-based Fragrant Laksa broth will be available with the buffet at all COCA Singapore restaurants.

Prepared fresh daily, COCA’s laksa rempah boasts a tantalising blend of lemongrass, dried chilli, galanga, and dried shrimp. The result is a heartwarming stock that is both smooth and creamy – perfect for a guaranteed good time, rain or shine.


, COCA unveils all-new Fragrant Laksa Hotpot broth


For a cosy at-home dinner affair, go for the specially curated COCA Laksa Hotpot Set that satisfies a group of 3-4. Available for delivery only, the set includes two soup bases, complimentary Mala Fried Rice, Prawns, Chicken Meat Paste, Shrimp Wanton, Fish Ball with Roe, seasonal vegetables, as well as COCA’s signature Green Noodles and fiery homemade Chilli Sauce.


, COCA unveils all-new Fragrant Laksa Hotpot broth


Dine-in customers get to indulge in a 100-minute All-You-Can-Eat Premium Seafood Buffet that comes with a glass of welcome wine, free flow beverages, complimentary appetisers and desserts, and unlimited seasonal seafood options like fresh cockles and kurobuta pork.


For more information on this mouthwatering treat, visit COCA’s website here.