Diamond Kitchen celebrates 10th anniversary with crab deals

Even with the range of mouth-watering gems that the ocean and river provides, crabs have always held a special spot within our hearts and tummies. And as a society largely in love with the idea and pleasure of good food, we’ve also held on dearly to the amazing tastes of our heritage, often indulging in the myriad of culinary delights our forefathers left us.

Bringing together traditional flavours and quality seafood, Diamond Kitchen has been serving up authentic Singaporean and Malaysian-inspired dishes since 2012. Marking their 10th anniversary this year, the stalwart restaurant launches an irresistible “3 for $49.90” crab deal and a signature All-Stars Menu to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Available at both their Science Park and Marine Parade outlets, don’t miss out on these specials filled with the experience and dedication of a decade.


, Diamond Kitchen celebrates 10th anniversary with crab deals


The sumptuous All-Stars Menu is a keen showcase of highly lauded signatures that brought the brand to where it is today.

Coated with a light, crispy batter of cream crackers and flour so it never loses its crunch, their Salted Egg Yolk Sotong is an addictive dish that uses handmade salted egg yolk powder for its smooth taste. Perfectly balancing sweet and tangy flavours, the juicy Champagne Pork features tender deep-fried pork collar in a flavour-packed sauce.

Warm your stomachs with a Brinjal Claypot cloaked in a homemade sauce that’s sure to evoke feelings of familiarity and nostalgia, then slurp up generous portions of succulent clams and wolfberries with the silky Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon, and end the meal with a comforting dose of Pumpkin & Gingko Yam Paste.


, Diamond Kitchen celebrates 10th anniversary with crab deals


The star of their celebration, choose from a menu that boasts 20 different flavours of crab and pick 3 for just $49.90. From the likes of classic Black Pepper, Butter, and Chilli, to unique Honey Marmite, Kung Pao, and Tomato crabs, diners should absolutely try the house specialty Gan Xiang crab, made with a combination of spicy dried shrimp, curry powder, lemongrass, fermented soy bean paste, and other secret ingredients, the fragrant dish is a crab-lover’s dream.


To find out more about these enticing offerings and Diamond Kitchen, head over to their website here.