The contemporary restaurant marries design and culinary finesse to present unique dishes and an experience that promises to alter your expectations of Thai cuisine

Taking its name from the Thai word for “hungry”, HUE is a fresh restaurant along the heritage-rich Tyrwhitt Road that serves up unique Modern Thai dishes that are guaranteed to change your impression of Thai dining experiences.

The brainchild of five passionate friends, HUE presents authentic Thai cuisine (with a twist) in a refined setting where design marries food in an all-encompassing experience.



Inspired by recipes plucked right out of a royal Thai recipe book, the restaurant’s impressive creations masterfully utilises contemporary cooking styles to bring out layers of flavours that come together perfectly in dishes that are both creative yet still very much Thai in nature.



Paying homage to their Thai roots, every visit to HUE begins with an amuse bouche of Melon First, a refreshing watermelon starter that contrasts the sweetness of watermelon and sugar sprinkles, with the savoury notes of salted fish and fried shallots.

Appetisers to look out for also include the Oychestra, a flight of fresh Irish oysters topped with different Thai dressings of lemongrass and beetroot, coriander, and pineapple, What The Fish!, which features freshly cut raw kingfish and salmon served with crispy pork cracklings, a coriander dressing, and the rice powder-based larb dressing, and the Three Little Pigs, an oven-roasted crispy pork belly dish stir-fried with the three primary Thai herbs and spices: garlic, coriander, and white pepper.



True to their mission to provide quintessential Thai flavours with modern touches, mains you should absolutely try on their menu include highlights such as the Paper Fish, a whole fillet of Barramundi rubbed with Thai herbs and spices, then oven-baked in parchment paper, Bullseye, a chargrilled grain-fed Angus ribeye marinated with cilantro, and the unbelievably flavourful Green and Curry, a vegetarian reinterpretation of the popular green curry featuring chargrilled zucchini, king oyster mushroom, cherry tomatoes, long beans, and baby corn.

To enhance that Thai experience, don’t forget to try their Not a Tom Yum soup. Inspired by a Southern Thailand recipe, the hot and spicy soup presents a unique rich taste that comes from generous servings of charred seafood and its medley of Thai herbs. For lovers of spice, this dish truly packs a punch.



Of course, their desserts are equally captivating. The refreshing summer-y Sohm Choon features lychee puree, lime zest, orange wedges and ginger, piled under lychee shaved ice, while the novel Tea-ramisu recreates the classic dessert using Thai milk tea.


For reservations or more information, visit HUE’s website here.