Bao jiak desserts you won’t want to share

There never needs to be a reason to gorge yourself on the King of Fruits, but Goodwood Park Hotel gives you a mighty good one regardless. Come March, celebrate their annual Durian Fiesta with six new exquisite D24 durian desserts, four perennial favourites, and a majestic appearance from the premium Mao Shan Wang.

D24 Royale Cheesecake 

D24 Matcha Mont Blanc Tart 

New this year, dig into the smooth creaminess of their D24 Royale Cheesecake, with soft velvety D24 durian mousse blending into luscious cream cheese. With a dessert as decadent as this, it’ll melt in your mouth, and also melt through any reservations you may have about putting on those extra pounds. If you’re feeling extra fancy, the D24 Matcha Mont Blanc Tart is an intricate treat to nibble at, a glossy dome-shaped tart dressed with pistachio garland and crowned with decadent white chocolate tuile and matcha sponge. Lying beneath the pretty white dome is a sinful filling of matcha, chestnut mousse, and D24 durian pulp, that just might convert any durian naysayers.

Mao Shan Wang Mousse Cake 

It won’t be a Durian Feast without the king of kings; the coveted Mao Shan Wang. Amp up the indulgence and sink your teeth into this luxurious adaptation of the hotel’s first durian creation, the D24 Mousse Cake, now containing the finest Mao Shan Wang pulp. Further satiate those cravings with the Mao Shan Wang Power Puffs, just because you can never have enough of the impeccable bittersweet flavour.

As a symbol of our national pride, the durian rightfully joins in on the commemorative activities celebrating Singapore’s illustrious past. The D24 Singapore Commemoration Cake features four distinctly local flavours—gula melaka, coffee, pandan and durian mousse, adorned with a mosaic of white chocolate squares depicting eight historical scenes from our national past and Goodwood Park Hotel’s own. Available only in limited quantities, it’ll be a cake to remember, and the perfect treat for a host of nostalgic friends.

Mini D24 Ice Cream Bars 

Feasting doesn’t just have to end there though, for you can grab yourself a tub (or five) of the D24 ice cream, or the deluxe Mao Shan Wang option. For a real treat, though, a box of Mini D24 Ice Cream Bars will do just the trick; think Magnums but with the blissful creaminess of durians. Available at The Deli from Mar 15 to Jul 14, grab all your durian-loving friends and throw a party for your tastebuds.

Durian Fiesta 2019 runs from Mar 15-Jul 14, 9am-9pm at Goodwood Park Hotel. More info here