Eat chicken rice everything at this new restaurant in Orchard

We all love this simple dish of flavorful rice which has been cooked in chicken broth, served with roasted chicken dipped in dark soya sauce and chilli that adds a nice kick. But now, there’s a chicken rice focused establishment that will leave you in amazement at the many ways they’ve presented the dish.

Located in the heart of the Orchard, Roost (aptly named, if you ask us) is a 60-seater restaurant whose star dish is their chicken rice (no surprise there). Their Yin Yang Chicken Rice comes with both poached chicken and soya sauce chicken. But if you’re on an “eat clean” spree, you can always try the lighter version where one plate amounts to less than 500 calories. Apart from the chicken rice, Roost has also put a fresh spin on the dish with creations like chicken rice sushi (they use just one slice of soya sauce chicken with a teriyaki sauce glaze on the flavorsome rice); chawanmushi, flavored with chicken slices and broth instead of the typical seafood ingredients; and chicken laksa, which comes along with a hearty portion of poached chicken.

They also have other favorites that dont’ involve chicken, such as the assam laksa, vegetables with samae dip, tahu telor and chilli crab dip. Don’t forget to try their coffee panna cotta and durian crème brûlée to end off the meal.