Eat new in March: All the new menus at old favourites right now

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? As much as we love the spate of new F&B joints popping up everyday, there’s some respect to be had for a restaurant that has stood the test of time in tumultuous Singapore, and continues to keep things fresh for its loyal fans. Every month, we scope out some of your best-loved places for the new menus they’re bringing to the table.

Chen’s Mapo Tofu

, Eat new in March: All the new menus at old favourites right now

A Michelin Bib Gourmand eatery and CBD crowd favourite, Chen’s Mapo Tofu has headed West in its quest for expansion. At its latest outlet at The Star Vista, the no-frills dining concept continues to dish out its ever-popular, homely eats alongside new mains and appetisers.

Try the Mala Chicken Wings, Mala Chips and Szechwan Edamame, all while digging into substantial bowls like the Shishito Pepper Fish Soup and Kurozu Buta Don. But don’t forget to order its signature Mapo Don, a mouthwatering bowl of spicy silken tofu served with premium Japanese rice.


, Eat new in March: All the new menus at old favourites right now

All about showcasing the many facets of local cuisine, chef Damian D’Silva’s Kin at Straits Clan is once again presenting treasured, heirloom recipes as part of their revamped menu. While mainstays such as the Babi Pongteh and Peranakan Chap Chye are not going away anytime soon, the restaurant has introduced new offerings like the Pork Knuckle Debal, Cuttlefish Kang Kong and King Prawn with Dry Sambal.

While the Debal is a classic Eurasian dish made with roast pork, smoked pork knuckle and potatoes, the Cuttlefish Kang Kong is the head chef’s take on his grandfather’s favourite hawker dish, combining the zesty flavours of pineapple with cuttlefish and morning glory. At the same time, the prawns are cooked with a smooth dried chilli paste to enhance its seafood flavour.

If you’re one for tipples, you can finish off your meal with a toast. Featuring ingredients frequently used in local cuisine, there’s the Chilli Padi which packs heat thanks to the actual use of spice, as well as Curry Leaves and Banana that combines fried curry leaves with bourbon and dehydrated banana. Bottoms up.

Menbaka Fire Ramen

, Eat new in March: All the new menus at old favourites right now

Get ready for a fiery treat with Menbaka Fire Ramen’s two new additions to its menu. The Kara Miso Fire Ramen (Spicy) is a Singapore-exclusive dish born out of Singapore’s love for spicy food. The flavourful broth consists of chicken and soy bean brewed over several hours and packs a punch with Kara Miso. 

The In-house Chashu Croquette is comfort food done right, a crispy and creamy side dish breaded with light and airy panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried till golden brown. Packed with ingredients and infused with Menbaka’s specially marinated chashu, it is accompanied with a wasabi mayonnaise dipping sauce. 

Miss Fitz Kitchen & Bar

, Eat new in March: All the new menus at old favourites right now

This month, kick back with friends and family over a hearty meal or two at Miss Fitz Kitchen & Bar. Now serving a new dinner menu unlike its previous all-day dining menu, the evening offerings will include contemporary Mediterranean sharing plates ranging from small to large.

That means you can dig into anything from Middle Eastern hummus, falafel and kebabs to Spanish jamon ham, octopus and even croquettes. And those with a penchant for Italian favourites won’t be disappointed either as pastas and mussels are on the new menu too.

Just think Grilled Lamb Belly with Green Yogurt over Grains and Almonds, Glazed Short Rib Braised for 15 Hours, Charred Octopus with Sambal Matah and so much more.

In fact, after you’re done filling up on food, ask the servers to lead you to Roxy, a glam cocktail bar and spirits room by the back that’s a hidden enclave within Miss Fitz, perfect for post-dinner drinks.

The Connoisseur Concerto (tcc) 

, Eat new in March: All the new menus at old favourites right now

The restaurant/cafe chain has introduced 25 new mainstays, including eight main courses, one dessert and 16 beverages. These dishes bring new twists to familiar heritage flavours or are imbued with a Japanese flair. 

Try the locally inspired White Pepper & Soft-shell Crab Pasta featuring a fried soft-shell crab on a bed of al dente spaghetti; Steak & Egg Benedict with a petite wagyu hamburg steak, sauteed beef striploin, yellow peperonata and poached egg, or Scrambled Egg & Salmon Pancake a savoury lightly-toasted truffle pancake layered with Norwegian salmon, scrambled egg, wafu baby arugula salad and tobiko.