Indulge in exquisite herbal roast ducks, authentic Yunnan cuisine, luxurious gold dusted Golden Pillows and more from the comforts of your home

It’s that time of year for round after round of gatherings and social obligations again. As fellow Singaporeans, we’re sure most of you have barely started planning and preparing for the onslaught in the coming weeks. As we well know from experience, hosting such gatherings is no small feat and many families have started turning to takeaway options for an easier time and better spirits.

For a fuss-free CNY celebration, here is our pick of brands to turn to for your reunion dinner takeaway and delivery options.


Dian Xiao Er



Bring the familiar taste of Dian Xiao Er’s authentic Chinese cuisine home this CNY with their delectable takeaway packages. Ideal for intimate reunion dinners at home, their Auspicious Set for takeaways includes a Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng, a choice of their signature Herbal Roast Duck, Fortune “Dong Po” Braised Pork Belly, Fish Maw Thick Soup with Seafood & Conpoy, Fortune Yuzu Shrimp Balls and more.

À la carte orders of their Prosperity Yu Sheng get to choose between a choice of abalone or smoked salmon.





Delivering gourmet Chinese New Year spreads directly to offices and homes, Esseplore’s CNY 2022 offerings include Feastboxes for communal dining and premium Gourmand boxes for individual dining portions, suitable for corporate settings and meetings.

Prepared by their network of specialty and private chefs, Esseplore’s Feastboax includes their unique 100% natural, preservative-free handcrafted Yu Sheng, made with premium vegetables, smoked salmon, and a tangy plum sauce. Choose to upgrade your yu sheng to include mouth-watering Toro sashimi slices and edible gold flakes for a decadent celebration. Other highlights on their impressive menu include the exquisite Buddha Jumps Over The Wall and Auspicious Alaskan King Crab.


Golden Pillow 933



Bless your loved ones with an abundance of fortune this year with Singapore’s first-ever Golden Dusted Charcoal Pillow Bun with Curry Abalone Chicken. Similar to their signature Golden Pillow, this offering boasts the lovely shape of a pillow sprinkled with edible gold dust for an additional sophisticated touch, each Pillow comes with 5 abalones and is good for 2-3 pax.

Also launching exclusively this year is their Chinese New Year set, which features a delightful Prosperity Yuzu Plum Sauce Abalone Yusheng with Curry Pok Chui Biscuit alongside the Golden Dust Charcoal Pillow Bun and Longevity Ee Foo Noodles with Brown and White Shimeiji Mushrooms.


Kam’s Roast



A yearly crowd favourite, celebrate with Kam’s Roast’s popular CNY mainstays, such as their Prosperity Treasure Pot, Prosperity Trio, and luxurious signature roasts flecked with 22 Carat French gold flakes. Their highly-coveted Prosperity Treasure Pot features the best of Hong Kong-style roasts and Teochew-style seafood delicacies in one pot, pairing crispy roast pork with fish maw, Australian abalone, dried oyster, premium black moss and more.

For those with last-minute dinners to plan, Kam’s Roast will also remain open throughout the Chinese New Year period.


Neo Garden



Singapore’s leading award-winning caterer, Neo Garden celebrates this Lunar New Year in tandem with their 30th anniversary – and are giving away 1,000 servings of yu sheng to commemorate this milestone.

For CNY 2022, their menu offers 15 different yu sheng to choose from, including 2 new creations, Opulence Teochew Yu Sheng and Golden Tiger Yu Sheng. Using carrots and radish to present a vivid tiger motif, the Golden Tiger Yu Sheng is bound to leave a huge impression on your loved ones. On top of that, Neo Garden also boasts an extensive list of over 50 Chinese New Year dishes and 11 set menus for up to 15 pax, guaranteed to satisfy your guests regardless of preference and group size.





Usher in the Huat with PizzaExpress’s unique Chinese New Year specials this year. Their limited-time exclusive creations include the Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza, bringing customary CNY staples together on a pizza. Another must-try is their Pineapple Dough Balls, PizzaExpress’s rendition of the classic pineapple tart. Available from 24 Jan – 28 Feb, these novel dishes will surely add to the festive mood of CNY gatherings.


Shake Shake in a Tub



Known for their range of delicious finger food and snacks, Shake Shake in a Tub launches two CNY bundles perfect for your festive gatherings this year. Fit for up to 12 pax, the 8 Golden Treasures Box is the ultimate fried chicken and fries platter, filled with 10 pieces of Truffle Chicken, 10 pieces of Drumlets, 10 pieces of Wings, BBQ Popcorn Chicken, and Popcorn Chicken with Curry Sauce. On top of all that chicken goodness, the Box also comes with 3 premium sides: Pom Pom, Shoestring Fries, and Onion Rings.

For a more intimate group of 3-4 pax, their Fortune Bundle comes with 12 pieces of Shake Shake Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, and Shoestring Fries.


Soup Restaurant



Enjoy the familiar taste of Soup Restaurant’s heartwarming menu from the comforts of your home this year. Fit for up to 5 pax, indulge the Take Home Reunion Set which offers a medley of beloved favourites like their signature Samsui Ginger Chicken, Baby Abalone Yu Sheng, Wellness Collagen Treasure Pot with Abalone and more. Opt to self-collect and receive a complimentary handmade Fatt Choi Bao Bao – a soft fluffy bun with oozy lotus paste, crafted to resemble the God of Fortune.

For a more casual treat or as a thoughtful gift, go for their insta-worthy Fatt Choi Tower, designed and handmade by Soup Restaurant’s dim sum team. Each set consists of 8 Fortune Bags, 12 Longevity Baos, and 4 Fatt Choi Bao Baos.


Yun Nans



Famed for their namesake Yunnan cuisine and Hakka dishes, Yun Nans is bringing back their popular Special Take-Home Festive Set this CNY for patrons to enjoy a hassle-free feast at home. The set includes their Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng, Steamed Glutinous Rice Wrapped with Lotus Leaf, Traditional Salt Baked Chicken, and the irresistible Yun Nans Prosperity Treasure Hotpot, featuring highlights such as roast pork belly, wild golden fungus from Yunnan, abalone, fish maw, cordyceps flowers and more, swimming in a soup made from stewing the likes of Jinhua ham, old hens, pork bones, dried scallops and a medley of other ingredients for six hours.

Both the Abalone Yu Sheng and Treasure Hotpot are also available for à la carte orders.