Enjoy an all-day brunch menu, high tea sets, premium tea selections, and unique cocktail creations at this vibrant restaurant-bar in the heart of Orchard Road

Serving up a unique range of traditional Japanese fare with loud modern interpretations, Ohayo Mama San welcomes diners to a brand new fusion dining experience in the heart of our shopping district, at 313@Somerset.

This “Mama San” offers quality Jap-Fusion creations with their all-day brunch menu and high tea sets, aptly complemented by a line of Geisha-inspired cocktails.



Built on flavours and culture, this vibrant restaurant-bar concept captures the best of modern Japanese elements and Asian cuisine to present a comprehensive menu, where shoppers can enjoy a delicious break in the midst of all that shopping, surrounded by a fun, upbeat blue and orange colour scheme.



For quick and light bites, don’t miss out on Ohayo Mama San’s Empowered Pappadams with generous drizzles of Ikura and Tobiko, and their Foursome Crabmeat Nori Tacos, a presentation of canapés with exquisite Japanese elements, marrying crunchy, creamy textures with a touch of light seafood flavours.



Available till 6pm daily, their signature All-Day Brunch brings Japanese bento culture into our beloved brunch menu. Enjoy classics like the Madam Benedict Egg Brunch, a visual spectacle of eggs benedict on sourdough, with blueberry-topped honey yoghurt, sautéed mushrooms, seafood and vegetable chowder, complete with a miso sauce salad, or a unique Nishoku Tamago Total Satisfaction Brunch, which offers a satisfying serving of traditional Nishoku tamago, paired with crusty, buttery mini croissants along with sautéed mushrooms, chowder, salad, and yoghurt.



To complete your Japanese dining experience at Ohayo Mama San, check out their healthy sushi interpretations with highlights such as the Dancing Geisha, full of fresh salmon, tuna, and bursts of ikura, and Forbidden Love with semi-peppery notes of kaiware and crunchy tempura bits.

For fans of fresh Uni, pre-order their exquisite Uni Garden, which pairs the decadent sea urchin with an array of premium ingredients, including snow crab, shiro ebi, botan ebi, oysters, and more.



For a quick rest while on that shopping spree, you can also check out their delicate Tea Party Sets for two, featuring charming bench platters, Ohayo Mama San’s craft cocktails, and selections of TWG tea.


To find out more about this exciting new concept in town, visit their website here.