In honour of our nation’s 57th birthday, dig into the restaurant’s signatures for just $5.70 this season

Separated only by a causeway, the relationship we have with our closest neighbour is one that is may be contentious at times, but is also fairly straightforward by nature. With our history and similar cultural heritage, authenticity may be an evergreen topic, but what’s undisputed is our clear and explicit love for the food we can find in Malaysia.

A nod to the foodie inside most of us, Penang Culture joins in on Singapore’s 57th birthday celebrations this month with an amazing promotion on some of our favourite Malaysian fare.



Embodying the spirit of both tradition and innovation in their food, Penang Culture’s culinary team is helmed by a Head Chef from Penang, who started his career on the streets of Penang himself. Serving authentic street food with fresh perspectives, the restaurant presents eight specially selected dishes to satisfy our cravings, going at just $5.70 each as part of their National Day promotions.

Enjoy their signature Tahu Goreng, featuring bite-sized nuggets of tofu that are crisp on the outside and moist within, accompanied with beansprouts and shredded cucumber then slathered with a generous serving of Penang Culture’s own homemade peanut sauce. For a more refreshing burst of flavours, go for their Thai Style Glass Noodles with silky glass noodles, crunchy vegetables, and a serving of succulent prawns.



There’s also the ever-popular Chicken Basil Rice with Egg, highlighting Penang Culture’s signature basil sauce with tender morsels of chicken, Garlic Chicken with Thai Mango Sauce, featuring a dipping sauce that soaks shredded cucumber and mango in their homemade tangy sauce, and Stir Fry Satay Chicken with Ketupat, finally back by popular demand.


Then end your meals with a bang as you indulge in the glorious King of Bubur Hitam, elevated with a scoop of rich durian purée.


Can’t wait to try them for yourself? Find out more on Penang Culture’s website here.