McDonald’s is going upscale. And Singapore is probably next.

Plastic furniture and trays, serviceable cafeteria-style interiors and staid set meals may be a thing of the past soon—it seems like fast food mecca McDonald’s is gearing up for a major shift in direction worldwide.

The chain is working on a newer and trendier concept that’s more in line with the healthy, clean-eating trend consuming yuccies and millennials alike. So if you’re thinking discount coupons and value-set meals, think again. At the world’s first McDonald’s Next in Hong Kong, the interiors are decked in shiny steel counters, an open-kitchen concept and sleek furniture with industrial, studio-inspired surrounds. Menu-wise, there’s an extensive salad bar offering 19 different ingredients including quinoa, customizable burgers (which diners can order via touch screen) that are served on wooden chop boards, and gourmet coffee blends. There are also self-order kiosks, free wi-fi and mobile-charging platforms, too. 

There’s no word yet on whether this concept will reach our shores soon, but since the chain has expanded the makeover to nine other outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore might be the next stop, although reports have been conflicting here and here. Well, we are hoping they don’t mess with our go-to hangover cure, the breakfast sandwich.

Meanwhile, here’s a peek at the shiny new MacDonald’s Next:


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