Feast on abalones with Joyden Canton Kitchen’s seasonal menu

How often do we actually get to say we’re going to go all out and enjoy ourselves over a feast of abalones? As rare as that may be, we’ll finally be able to fulfil that dream with Joyden Canton Kitchen’s new autumn menu.

The time-limited Flavours of Abalone menu stars the highly-coveted mollusc in a curated experience that highlights the season’s best, only available from now till Nov 06.

, Feast on abalones with Joyden Canton Kitchen’s seasonal menu

Priding themselves on their consistent culinary quality and ability to source for top seasonal specialties, pristine seafood, and the best produce, Joyden Canton Kitchen’s stellar team of chefs will be presenting three mouth-watering renditions of plump 10-head abalones for the Flavours of Abalone menu.

Meticulously prepared to bring out the best of abalone flavours, look forward to dishes like Abalone Braised with Oyster Mushroom in San-Bei Sauce where they are thoroughly braised with oyster mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, shimeji, and shiitake in a thick gravy, accentuated with the aroma of garlic cloves and Thai basil leaves.

Then enjoy the comforting Abalone and Seafood Rice in Superior Broth, featuring a claypot of rice immersed in rich seafood broth made with cuttlefish, clams, and abalones. Turning to something more classic, their Braised Chicken and Abalone with Ginger and Spring Onion is an unassuming delicacy sautéed with succulent chicken chunks, shiitake, abalone, spring onions, and carrots.

, Feast on abalones with Joyden Canton Kitchen’s seasonal menu

Of course, fans can also expect Joyden Canton Kitchen’s most sought-after signatures alongside the irresistible abalone highlights, such as Joyden’s Signature “Moonlight” Rice Vermicelli with Egg White and Scallop, Cod Fish Steamed with Homemade Ginger Sauce and Hua Diao Wine, and Braised Luffa Gourd with Poached Egg White in Conpoy Sauce.

Accompanying this luscious menu is the seasonal Wild Golden Peony tea, an exquisite blend of Tie Guan Yin and Huang Jin Gui, sourced from the highlands of Wuyi Mountain in South Fujian and created by an award-winning tea master in China.

Feeling hungry yet? Find out more about Joyden Canton Kitchen and their seasonal Flavours of Abalone menu on their website here.