Get your steak cravings sorted at this Flat Iron-inspired pop-up steakhouse

Properly done steaks are often a luxury to have. If you’ve been saving up for a treat at one of the city’s best steakhouses, you’ll be glad to know you need not hold onto your pursestrings so tightly; at least for the upcoming months of March and April.

Come Mar 2, pop-up steakhouse The Feather Blade will be setting up shop at where Club Street stalwart Zui Hong Lou operates. They’ll essentially take over the entire premise there every weekend till Apr 29, offering their mono-dish menu featuring the eponymous Feather Blade Steak. It’s probably the least fancy steakhouse around, and that’s exactly what they want.

If you’ve been to London’s Flat Iron, it’s a concept inspired from that deliciously gritty experience. For a reasonable $21, you’ll get 200g of tender grain-fed steak, that’s been sous vide then grilled, and cooked to your preferred doneness. Then choose from four sauces—Sichuan Peppercorn, Bearnaise, Horseradish Cream or Red Wine—to go with your steak. They cost $2 each, so choose wisely (the Red Wine or Sichuan is best in our books), or just have the steak as it is, glazed with butter and seasoned with salt.

To complete the meal, get substantial sides like creamy mashed potatoes, truffle corn or cheesy spinach, that go for $7 a pop. And drinks are a must, with the guys from Zui Hong Lou concocting a selection to go with the umami-laden menu. Try the Blood Orange Old Fashioned ($16) for a stiff yet sweet beverage, or the Kyoho Sangria ($16) for a juicy red wine to pair with your steak. There are reds, whites, beers and sakes too, if you’re so inclined.

One more thing if you’re thinking of heading down—they don’t take reservations. Tables will likely be filled quite quickly (especially on their first day where they’ll be giving out a full portion of steak free for every guest!), so be there early to avoid disappointment.

The Feather Blade pop-up is located at Zui Hong Lou, 90 Club Street, every Sat and Sun from Mar 2-Apr 29, 5.30pm-1am.