These new churros are quite possibly the most photogenic ones we've seen so far. 

From Oct 12, churros lovers can get their fix at the new Korean churro place, Churro 101. It's located on the fourth level of Bugis Plus, so you'll probably have to jostle your way through crowds of teenagers to get one of these.

It looks like this place specializes in filled churros, which would probably make for some decadent, Instagram-worthy posts. Some of these snacks include the chocolate filled churro ($4.50), the milk custard churro ($4.50) and the cream cheese churro ($4.70).  If you are on a short break, pop in for the churro set, which comes with hot or iced coffee and ice-cream ($5.90-$6.80).

If you come during the grand opening, the store will give away one for one churros, so bring a friend with a sweet tooth.