His first outpost outside of Bulgaria, taste the best of Italian flavours with quality ingredients and delicate dough

Everybody loves pizza – whether you’ve a sweet tooth, love pineapples, prefer vegetarian toppings, or are the kind that go heavy with cheese and savoury options, there’s always a pizza for every one.

Now, for the first time, Chef Radostin Kiryazov will be bringing his world-renowned pizza and focaccia out of Bulgaria, and onto our shores here in Singapore. Serving authentic Romana pizza, L’Arte Pizza & Focaccia is his first overseas outpost and will officially open on 09 May.



Widely known as the Bulgarian God of Italian Pizza, Chef Radostin Kiryazov has come close to perfecting the art of pizzas. His doughs cut a perfect balance between being light and airy, and carrying a distinct bite and flavour – making it ever so easy to dig into his irresistible offerings slice after slice.

Equipped with over 20 years of experience kneading the best pizzas, breads, and pastas, Chef Radostin has been recognised with countless prestigious awards at the World Pizza Championships, where he has also sat as one of the members of jury.



At L’Arte Pizza & Focaccia, find his iconic pizzas handmade with flour directly imported from Italy and served with premium quality toppings, promising indulgent bites of Italian flavours.

Hand-kneaded and baked-to-order in small batches, L’Arte’s Romana pizzas are available in limited quantity daily.



Offering 10 delicious flavours to choose from, they have the classic Burrata Cheese, with 100% Italian sun-ripened tomatoes and Chef’s special pesto basil, the Tartufala, with Parma ham on mozzarella and truffle cream, the rich Formaggi filled with mozzarella, gorgonzola, scamorza, and parmesan, and the Bacon Rado that features Italian smoked bacon.

Other highlights to enjoy include the Diavola, with spicy Italian sausage and grilled peppers, the Chevre, that features premium goat cheese, and the pizza that emerged as the champion in the Pizza World Championship’s Dessert Pizza category: the Nutella, a pizza pie drizzled with Nutella before being topped with banana, strawberry, and mint leaves.


Reservations for orders will open on 05 May – remember to keep an eye out!


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