Featuring both sweet and savoury varieties, these traditional treats were born from a family recipe

Anthony Yeoh, chef-owner of Summer Hill, has launched a new takeaway line of handmade Polish dumplings. Inspired by his family, the delectable flavours of Belle Pierogi were formed with Chef Yeoh’s half-sister Belinda, who has Polish roots on her mother’s side.



For the curious and uninitiated, pierogies are stuffed dumplings made with chewy unleavened dough and fillings of both sweet and savoury varieties. These half-moon-shaped dumplings are often either boiled or pan-fried. Popular fillings include potato, cheese, sauerkraut, ground meat, and fruits.

Belle Pierogi features four flavours on their menu. These include Pierogi Ruskie (potato and cottage cheese), Pierogi Kapusta (minced milk-fed veal, sauerkraut, and onions), and Pierogi Szpinak (creamed spinach and mushrooms).

For diners with a sweet tooth, there’s the Pierogi Czeresniami that’s stuffed with sweet cherry compote and sour cream.



All of Belle Pierogi’s dumpling skins are hand pressed and made from scratch along with their fillings.

While the dumplings are currently sold as ready-to-eat takeaways, plans for a retail line are underway. Customers can soon expect to purchase frozen dumplings, ready to be dropped into a pot of boiling water or pan-fried for pierogi parties.


Hungry for a bite? Belle Pierogi is available for islandwide delivery or takeaway here.


Pierogis will also be available at Summer Hill’s new upcoming outlet in Orchard. For more information, visit their website here.