Bite-sized heritage

We’ve seen some pretty slick dining collaborations this year—like the burger pop-up between Park Bench Deli and Hong Kong izakaya Yardbird; or Brewlander’s casual collabs with big names like Native and Fossa Chocolate in their beer series The Fringe Project. Next up, Peranakan restaurant Folklore is stepping up to the plate, for a heritage-focused collaboration with local cool bar Kult Kafe.

On one end is Chef Damian D’Silva of Folklore, heritage food champion and lover of home-cooking; on the other, Kult Kafe’s head bartender Zac Mirza, who’s created classic cocktails with Asian ingredients since the bar’s opening. With both sharing a passion for local and Asian ingredients, it’s a collab made in heaven.

For the menu, which runs from now through Apr 30, 2019, look forward to five bar bites created by Chef D’Silva. There’s his savoury signature Kueh Pie Tee ($12 for 6 pieces), crowd favorite Crispy Kepak Kencur Wings ($15 for 6 pieces), traditional Kong Bak Bao ($18 for 3 pieces), Baked Sambal Buah Keluak ($20 for 6 pieces) served atop Portobello mushrooms, and our personal favourite—Beef Rendang Sliders ($15 for 3 pieces), featuring braised beef shin served in crisp, golden house-made puffs. They’re the perfect bar snack for a drunken night out.

From L-R: Bloody Belacan, Dill & Tonic, Kult Julep, Kult Kooler

On the drinks side, throw caution to the wind with four bold cocktails ($20 each), or “Kultails”, created by Mirza and brought over to Folklore. Get an oriental G&T with the Dill & Tonic, elevated with elderflower liqueur and yuzu tonic; the Kult Julep marries your choice of spirit with fresh lime juice, kaffir lime leaves and gula melaka; while the Kult Kooler is a herbal concoction of fresh lemongrass, ginger, lemon juice, kaffir lime leaves and spiced syrup. Want something even edgier? The Bloody Belacan—Mirza’s take on the Bloody Mary—is not for the faint of the heart, mixing vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and Chef D’Silva’s sambal belacan used in the Buah Keluak, for a spicy finish.

Consider your next supper night sorted.

The new bar menu is available at Folklore and Lobby Bar at Destination Singapore Beach Road, 3-9:30pm, through Apr 30, 2019.