Featuring a new icon, succulent prawns, juicy smoked chicken, and a Golden Ticket to a year’s supply of pizza!

Coming to us from one of the world’s leading and fastest growing pizza brand, Domino’s Pizza Singapore marries our love for Japanese food and their delicious pizza offerings to present the all-new Mentaiko pizzas!

Available from now till Oct 26 only, their new Japanese-inspired flavours invite us all to get lucky (or taiko) as we feast on the Ebi Mentaiko Pizza and Tori Mentaiko Pizza.

Featuring succulent prawns on the Ebi Mentaiko Pizza and smoked chicken breast on the Tori Mentaiko Pizza, they’re both are delightfully topped with creamy mentaiko mayonnaise for that umami punch.



Accompanying the Mentaiko pizzas this season is the addition of a new dessert on the menu. Fans can now indulge in the decadent Hokkaido Cream Cheese Fold to end off their meals on a high note. The mouth-watering dessert is a sweet and savoury treat oozing with milky Hokkaido cream cheese, perfectly complemented by juicy pineapple chunks.

From Sep 05 through to Sep 11, every purchase of at least 1 Regular Mentaiko Pizza automatically assigns you a part in Domino’s Singapore’s island-wide Epic Hunt, where you’ll be in the running for a chance to win yourself 12 free pizzas! Selected randomly, 18 winners will receive their pizzas inscribed with the figures “88” in luscious mentaiko sauce, along with a winning Golden Ticket.


Also, don’t forget to look out for the Mentaikat during this period – a half-cat, half-cod character inspired by the maneki-neko and cod fish, where the cod roe in mentaiko mayonnaise comes from – for a good dose fun and, perhaps, extra taiko power.


For more information on Domino’s Singapore, their new pizzas, and that coveted Golden Ticket, head over to their website here now.