Get your dessert fix at these new sweet spots in Singapore

It goes without saying that Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, with new restaurants and new bars opening up every month. Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed a couple of new dessert shops trickling down into our food scene with sweet delights. Here are four new places to get your sugar fix.


This new ice-cream cafe Apiary, located along Neil Road, adds on to the long list of cafes around the vicinity. As of now, their menu is pretty straightforward, featuring interesting ice-cream flavors like Thai green tea, black sesame, earl grey lavender and the classic Nutella. They can be enjoyed with their charcoal waffle which comes with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and fresh fruits (which sounds like an Instagram-worthy dish). Their coffee is worth mentioning as well, as it is brewed from a special blend of beans from Brazil and El Salvador, aptly named The Apiary Blend by the coffee roasters company, 2 Degrees North.

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique

, Get your dessert fix at these new sweet spots in Singapore


Birds of Paradise, located in idyllic Katong, has made the area much sweeter with their gelato offerings. This ice-cream parlour is painted with pastel colours and plastered with floral and bird motifs, staying true to its moniker. But it’s not just the store that has pastel colored hues—their gelato offerings too exhibit delicate colors, with signature flavors you won’t usually see elsewhere, such as white chrysanthemum with cacao nibs, spiced pear and strawberry basil, using only natural and botanical ingredients like basil, blue ginger and more. They’re also environmentally friendly—all their ice-cream is served in cups that were made from sugarcane pulp after extracting the juice.


Also located in Plaza Singapura, Husk is inspired by the ubiquitous coconut ice cream seen on the streets of Bangkok. It offers a healthier version of the creamy and sugary dessert by using coconut water as the base ingredient, aptly named “froco”—it’s like a froyo, except with coconut. If you’re not satisfied with just having it on its own, you can opt for the parfait, which comes with toppings of your choice, such as watermelon, mango, granola, homemade muesli and chocolate. They also do smoothies such as The Bruce Lee, which is a mixture of strawberries, pineapples and muesli, and their Can’t Touch This which features mangoes, coconut water and a dash of immunity booster.


, Get your dessert fix at these new sweet spots in Singapore

New York’s famous food fad, gelato on a stick, has landed on our sunny shores. Opening its flagship store at the basement of Plaza Singapura, Popbar brings you the classic Italian dessert with a healthier twist (200 calories or less without the toppings). This scoop shop offers three different kinds of sweet treats: popGelato, popSorbetto and yogurtPop. Expect flavors like pistachio, pumpkin pie, mixed berries and many more which will be rotated daily, giving us more reasons to go back. You can even customize it with dippings and toppings like almonds, chocolate sprinkles and white chocolate sauce. They have also vegan and dairy-free options as well, cause we all have that one friend with special dietary needs.