Gordon Ramsay’s planning another big-deal restaurant in Singapore

Some of you might have spotted chef enfant terrible Gordon Ramsay, who was recently in town to check in on Bread Street Kitchen. While he might have made a trip down to oversee the restaurant’s new menu, there’s news that he may be looking into opening a fine-dining establishment in Singapore. 

Speaking to The Straits Times, the celebrity chef said that the topic was mentioned in a conversation with the Michelin Guide folks and that he “spoke with them about doing something more fine dining next time around, as my second restaurant.” And for those of you who are wondering when, he was also quoted saying that the 70 or 80 seater outfit might happen in 2017.

Will it be on par as his other fancier establishments like the eponymous Restaurant Gordon Ramsay? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, book yourself a table at Bread Street Kitchen before the Michelin Guide officially launches here.