Guest Chef Tarla Dalal teases palates with “Provincial Indian Gastronomy”

Gastronomes can look forward to a showcase of fine Indian cuisine courtesy of Chef Tarla Dalal at the Rang Mahal Pavilion at Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa during the Asian Masters Gourmet Series.
During the week long showcase at Rang Mahal Pavilion, you can expect flavours from Rajasthan and Gujarat presented in a four course thali set as well as a low-caloried thali set for health-conscious gourmands.
Savor the signature delights of Gujarat ($38-58) with a choice of vegetable dishes like “Undhiyo” (a classic Gujarati recipe of vegetables and fenugreek dumplings cooked in aromatic spices), “Sev Tomato Nu Shaak” (Green tomatoes cooked in a tangy delicious gravy, served with crunchy crispy rice flakes) and “Thepla” (wheat based bread) or “Puri”, served with rice. 
For the Rajasthani set ($38-58), look forward to starters like “Palak Pakodi Chaat” (Crisp, flaky deep fried flour puffs) , accompanied with mains like “Marsala Tikadia” (stuffed crispy roti) and vegetable dishes like “ Aloo Pethe Ka Shaak” (potato and pumpkin cooked with whole spices and curds, flavoured with fennel) and “Papad Mangodi Ki Subzi” (Moong dal crisps cooked with assorted vegetables).
There’s even a low-caloried Thali set ($48-68) for the weight-conscious.
Provincial Indian Gastronomy by Guest Chef Tarla Dalal is on from Jan 24-30. Call Rang Mahal Pavilion at 6238-7013 for reservations.