Have a taste of Summer in Japan at Sushi Tei

For most of us, Japanese cuisine is almost always at the top of our list of favourite cuisines. We crave them even more whenever the seasons change and we’re presented with fresh offerings from the Land of the Rising Sun, where each season showcases a variety of different flavours that are ever so delicate.

Back with a new Taste of Summer menu, Singapore’s leading Japanese restaurant chain Sushi Tei celebrates the sunny season with their signature flair and quality, highlighting the season’s best with premium ingredients such as umezu-fed Shima-aji, Tochigi Wagyu, and Kannonike pork.


, Have a taste of Summer in Japan at Sushi Tei


A summertime icon, the Kishū Plum Shima-aji is a unique fish with a subtle sweetness that comes from its special diet consisting of umezu extract. Go for the Kishū Plum Shima-aji Set to have a taste of the fish as a sushi, sashimi, and maki. Alternatively, enjoy thick slices of the Shima-aji alongside salmon, tuna, and salmon roe with the exquisite Sashimi Moriawase “Wakayama”.

When it comes to Japanese beef, only premium-grade cuts from 200 designated producers in Tochigi Prefecture can earn the rights to be labelled Tochigi Wagyu. Bringing it to foodies in Singapore, the A4 Tochigi Wagyu Don is an absolute must-try.


, Have a taste of Summer in Japan at Sushi Tei


Similarly superb this season is the Kannonike pork, a crossbreed of three different species reared in the beautiful, stress-free farms of Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture. Showcasing incredible flavour and juiciness, enjoy them with the Kannonike Pork Shabu Shabu.

Also on the summer menu are popular mainstays like the Natsu Enoki Tempura Roll, Chasyu Yuzu Hiyashi Chuka, and Suika Sherbet.


Available from now till Sep 13, head over to Sushi Tei to enjoy the taste of an authentic Japanese summer.


For more information, visit Sushi Tei’s website here.