Have a taste of Taiwan with Monga Singapore

Arguably one of the most popular travel destinations on a Singaporean’s list, Taiwan has always managed to enamour us with their sweet disposition, heartwarming culture, and in no small part, their charming teenage drama and irresistible street food.

With international borders closed for the better part of the past 2 years, we inevitably start to pine harder than ever for our favourite foreign experiences. And to that, we say you’ll be glad to learn that Monga Singapore is bringing a part of Taiwan to us here in Singapore.


, Have a taste of Taiwan with Monga Singapore


Amongst Taiwan’s list of internationally celebrated street snacks, their fried chicken fillet ranks near the top, along with the unassuming Braised Pork Rice. This year, Monga transports us to the hustle and bustle of Taiwan with their new Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Sets.


, Have a taste of Taiwan with Monga Singapore


Authentic and appetising, their melt-in-your-mouth pork belly boasts almost-perfect ratios of fatty to lean meat, paired with onsen egg, lettuce, and housemade preserved vegetables – the way a Taiwanese would have it.

Each rice bowl comes with their housemade sour and spicy chilli sauce, and a comforting bowl of egg-drop soup.


, Have a taste of Taiwan with Monga Singapore


To spice things up, they have also introduced different set menus so you can pick your favourite sides to go with your Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice. Options include Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Wings, Crispy Chicken, and (of course) the Juicy Thigh Cutlet.


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