Help support our local hawkers with these new and exciting initiatives

During these tough times, it’s become more important than ever to support our elderly hawkers. Below, find three useful initiatives that will help you embrace our hawker culture, all while giving these businesses the well-deserved support they need.

@wheretodapao x @just.dabao collaboration

Two of our nation’s most heartwarming initiatives have just joined forces to help our local elderly hawkers clear their supplies, reduce food waste and make ends meet. Now with the new @wheretodapao x @just.dabao collaboration, Singaporeans can easily head to to get perfectly edible surplus hawker dishes at discounted prices. Continue supporting both platforms on Instagram; @wheretodapao spotlights three different hawkers daily, while @just.dabao is a social enterprise working towards reducing food waste all throughout Singapore.

Hawker Bot on Telegram

Launched some two months ago, this Telegram bot is a useful resource for those looking to locate nearby hawker centres. Simply enter your zip code to be provided a list of NEA-managed hawker centres which you can visit to support its stall vendors. Best of all, it also helps you identify which hawker centres are closed for cleaning so you won’t have to make a wasted trip.

Eat Shop Play app

Download the app Eat Shop Play to get relevant news and information about hawker centres around our island. Besides being able to discover your favourite places and dishes, you can also grab awesome deals and be rewarded for patronising the various stalls and making cashless payments. Find Eat Shop Play on the App Store and Google Play.