Will it rise to the occasion? 

It’s still true that Japan does everything better. Originating from Omotesando in Tokyo, the latest instagrammable pancakes have wobbled their way here with the opening of Riz Labo Kitchen at the Japan Food Town in Wisma Atria. 

Looking past the aesthetics of these foodporn-worthy pancakes, one interesting thing to note is that Riz Labo’s souffle pancakes are gluten-free—they are made from organic rice flour, soy milk, rice oil and light brown sugar imported from Japan. 

For their opening launch in Singapore, Riz Labo is offering a limited edition “kawaii” strawberry pancake ($20). It’s a visual delight with three wobbly pancakes stacked on top of each other, finished with fresh strawberries, berry sauce and strawberry ice cream on the side. We want it even more now that we’ve heard only 10 servings of these are made every day.

If the size of a restaurant’s menu is any indication of the food quality, you can expect pretty high standards here with only three regular flavors: plain ($15), chocolate ($18) and matcha ($20). All are served with a generous side of whipped cream; the chocolate is served with premium chocolate ice-cream, while the matcha pancake—made with the highest grade of matcha from Uji Kyoto—comes with a dollop of sweet azuki red beans from Hokkaido. 

You’ll also be having dessert in a rather unusual bar-like environment, as the store is located within Bar Nippon, which takes over and resumes their operations in the evening. In this small space that fits about 20 people, be prepared to wait at least 15 mins or more for preparation time, especially if it gets crowded.

All that said, Riz Labo Kitchen is only here as a pop-up store till Oct 20. While they're still here, if you can't decide between dessert or drinks—how about both? 

Riz Labo Kitchen is located at #04-49 Japan Food Town, Wisma Atria. It is open from 11am till 5pm daily. More information here