Available starting Sep 23, or free at selected bus stops

If the long lines last year were any indication, people sure love themselves some McDonald’s soft serve flavoured with Hershey’s chocolate. And so, like everything good at Mickey D’s, the limited-time Hershey’s offerings are coming back once again, starting Sep 23.

It’ll be a Monday without the blues as Hershey’s soft serve—available as a standard Cone ($1.40), Twist Cone ($1.40) and ChocoCone ($1.60)—arrives to sort out your chocolate cravings.

Soft serve cones not chocolatey enough? Go all out with the Hershey’s Sundae ($2.40) that has added chocolate fudge, or the Hershey’s McFlurry ($3.20) that has Oreo cookie bits swired in for more layers of cocoa goodness.

If you can’t wait for Sep 23, they’re actually giving away free Hershey’s McFlurrys at three selected bus stops from Sep 20-22, at 12pm and 6pm each day. The three bus stops are Dhoby Ghaut Station, Serangoon Station Exit C/Block 201 and Jurong Gateway Road Block 131.