How to experience Kyoto like a local

[Sponsored] From exploring time-honored shrines and temples to nights out in Gion, Higashiyama is home to some of Kyoto’s most famous attractions. There’s even more to love about the ward beyond the tourist trail, however. Located in the eastern part of the city, close to the Higashiyama mountain range, Higashiyama is where you’ll find hidden gems that even locals might not know about. Here’s what you should look out for.

Explore the area in a kimono or yukata

, How to experience Kyoto like a local

Two of Kyoto’s must-see landmarks are in Higashiyama—Yasaka Shrine and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kiyomizu Temple. To complete your experience, stop by one of the many boutiques in the area that can outfit you in a kimono, yukata or hakama. Garments and accessories are available for both rent and purchase with some stores also including hairstyling in their packages.

Have a hearty lunch at Akagane Dining

, How to experience Kyoto like a local

Built in 1925 by the owner of a copper processing company—which explains the many copper fixtures still present today—Akagane Resort Kyoto Higashiyama 1925 is located right in the center of Higashiyama in a Groups of Traditional Buildings preservation district. The tranquil cottage is popular among Kyoto’s cultural figures and is the perfect place to take a break for a meal while discovering all that Higashiyama has to offer. Copper features again in the embellishments at Akagane Dining, an elegant establishment overlooking a garden. Kyoto is renowned for its produce and you can enjoy the flavors of these local ingredients in the restaurant’s French cuisine.

Brew your own sencha at Salon de Kanbayashi

, How to experience Kyoto like a local

Whether you consider yourself an aficionado of fine green tea or you’re a beginner who’s interested to learn more about Japanese tea culture, Salon de Kanbayashi is the place to go. Tucked away in a corner of Akagane Resort, Salon de Kanbayashi sources its sencha (whole leaf tea) and gyokuro (whole leaf tea grown in the shade) from Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten, a tea house that has been in business for 450 years. Their teas were particularly popular with the Tokugawa and Toyotomi clans during Japan’s warring states period. Here, you’ll learn the proper way to appreciate high quality green tea and can even take the opportunity to brew your own tea.

Savor a sophisticated dinner at Kiwami

, How to experience Kyoto like a local

Over at Akagane Resort’s chef’s table restaurant Kiwami, guests can look forward to a kappo-style meal without a menu—Kiwami’s chefs will prepare a spread of traditional dishes for you based on the best seasonal ingredients available. Feel free to inform them if there are any dishes you’re craving, and they’ll do their best to meet your request. Kiwami is also a place to admire textiles known as Nishijin-ori which were crafted for the restaurant by renowned kimono designer Jotaro Saito.

Host an event at Akagane Resort Kyoto Higashiyama 1925

, How to experience Kyoto like a local

A multi-purpose venue with facilities to accommodate everything from luxurious parties to cultural experiences, Akagane Resort Kyoto Higashiyama 1925 is the ideal destination for a company retreat or a destination wedding. Ask about the special tours available as part of their company incentive travel plan.
Bookings can be made by email. For more information, visit the Akagane Resort Kyoto Higashiyama 1925 website.
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