Indulge in exquisite lobster dishes at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Loved internationally as one of the most coveted marine delicacy, lobsters have always been the highlight of any menu, becoming themselves a marker of luxurious indulgence.

This month, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant goes all out in their commitment to presenting the best experiences, serving up the prized seafood in an extensive menu dedicated to the flavours of lobster.

An oasis of Oriental charm, tucked within the lush surrounds of the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, the award-winning restaurant prides themselves on their brilliantly crafted Cantonese masterpieces filled with the splendour and charm of tradition.


, Indulge in exquisite lobster dishes at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant


From now – 31 May, satisfy your lobster cravings with the restaurant’s array of exquisite lobster creations. Cooked to perfection with different methods, taste the sweet and succulent flavours of lobster through their culinary craftsmanship and handpicked quality ingredients.

For light bites at lunch, enjoy premium lobster dim sum offerings, including their Steamed Lobster with Sea Urchin Dumpling, Deep-fried Lobster Vermicelli Roll, and Lobster Crispy Rice Roll with Sea-urchin Sauce.


, Indulge in exquisite lobster dishes at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant


Don’t miss out on the must-try Steamed Western Rock Lobster with Foie Gras Sauce & Asparagus, where they glaze fresh steamed lobster with rich, creamy foie gras sauce.

Other highlights to look out for this month include their Wok-fried Western Rock Lobster with Onion served in a traditional stone pot, Salted Egg Custard Rock Lobster featuring an aromatic concoction of curry powder, deep-fried garlic and salted egg, and Steamed Rock Lobster with Wok-fried Glutinous Rice & Chinese Sausage in XO Sauce.


For the love of seafood, we dare say you’ll regret missing out on this exquisite limited-time menu.


To find out more on Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant and their lobster delicacies, visit their website here.