Enjoy large sharing plates with alternative and prime steak cuts

Opening a social dining space when we are still in a pandemic might be questionable but then again, social interaction is something many of us have been craving (with safety measures in place of course). 

So to facilitate this, there are communal dining tables, sharing plates and an extensive wine menu at Fat Belly Social Steakhouse (FBSS). Add casual yet upbeat vibes and you have the perfect stage for people to unwind, connect, and simply have a great time together.


The vibe
The 60-seater communal steakhouse is located at the heart of bustling Boon Tat Street. It might be a little hidden from the main street (it’s on the second floor), but step inside and it welcomes diners like a comforting hug. 


Warm hues and wooden floors lend an immediate intimacy to the space, even though the communal experience is at the core of its concept. It’s a place where you can unwind after a long day at work and easily hang out with colleagues and friends.

A mezzanine area is also available to diners looking for a more private dining experience.

The food
Head chef Victor Loy certainly brings sexy (secondary cuts) back by introducing new dishes as well as classic favourites that are available at its first alternative steakhouse Fat Belly. 


In a nod to sustainability in food preparation, all parts of an animal or vegetable are used to create new or interesting dishes.

Starters like the Grilled Octopus ($30) exemplify the concept where it’s served in a cast-iron pot with end cuts of chorizo from the restaurant’s charcuterie board and tripe. The result is an umami-filled stew that adds depth to the octopus.


Another dish not to be missed is the Roasted Bone Marrow ($24) that’s full of smoky, creamy goodness with a hint of sweetness. It’ll have you scraping every last bit down to the bone, especially when it’s eaten with the accompanying pickled shimeji and hazelnuts on a slice of sourdough. 


Now for the mains. The stars of the menu are undoubtedly the big, bold cuts of meat.

We tried the Black Opal Wagyu Zaubton MS6-7 ($210 for 700g) and 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Rib Cap MS8/9 ($148 for 600g). Served on a silver plate with bordelaise sauce and scampi butter, they were well-marbled alternative cuts with the perfect balance of rich flavour, juiciness, and tenderness.


Lesser-known cuts such as the Flat Iron ($108) are also available and recommended to be shared between groups of three to four.

Sides such as the Beef Heart Tomato ($15) and Crusted Mac & Cheese ($16) served as hearty complements to the mains.


As for dessert, the Burnt Blue Cheese Cake ($16) is somewhat of an acquired taste, and best enjoyed by blue cheese lovers. The Eton Mess ($16) was an Insta-worthy dessert with raspberries, cream, flower petals and strawberry sauce.

The drinks
There is an extensive wine selection for novices and experienced connoisseurs alike. Choose from over 70 labels; if you can’t decide, the restaurant’s in-house wine experts will help you pick the best wines to enjoy with each dish.  


FBSS’ magnum bottles are perfect for groups, while guests who do not drink alcohol can order Seedlip and Melati-based drinks.

Why you’ll be back
A great restaurant does not just serve good food. It's a combination of food, drinks, service and ambience that elevates it to an experience that you’d want to share with your friends and family.

And that's what FBSS is all about.

If you are still hesitant about communal dining, FBSS assures all COVID-19 safety measures are adhered to. The space is disinfected and common spaces cleaned thoroughly every hour. Tables will be spaced one metre apart from each other, and diners are required to wear their masks and remove them only when eating or drinking.

Fat Belly Social Steakhouse is at 21A Boon Tat Street Singapore. More information available here.