Japanese vs. Mediterranean: Bincho and Moosehead’s foodie exchange

Mediterranean and Japanese may seem like an unusual combo, but come October, Bincho‘s chef Asai Masashi and Moosehead‘s chef Manel Valero will fuse their cuisines and cooking techniques to reinterpret three of their favorite Japanese and Mediterranean-Spanish dishes at their restaurants. 

Over at Bincho in Tiong Bahru, Chef Asai transforms Moosehead’s dishes like chargrilled asparagus with leeks and garlic miso; chargrilled octopus with red pepper and lime; and crispy spiced pig ears with added Japanese flair. While Chef Manel puts his distinct Spanish spin on dishes like beef tongue, chicken tsukune and Pacific saury fish at Moosehead.

Hungry? Check out our slideshow above for the drool-worthy concoctions; available throughout October.