Jiang Nan-Chun offers Dream of the Red Chamber set menu through December 31

Chinese restaurant Jiang Nan-Chun at the Four Seasons Singapore is offering a special seven-course set menu ($138) inspired by Cao Xue Qin’s 18th century novel Dream of the Red Chamber through the end of December.

Designed by restaurant manager Ng Chong Kim and chef Alan Chan, the menu includes vitamin-rich dishes like wok-fried tomato with egg white and double boiled chicken soup as well as indulgent pork belly with Yunan ham, six-head South African abalone and steamed cod Jing Hu style. The meal ends with a peony‐shaped dessert: duo of puff pastry with red bean paste, and red dates with yam root jelly.

The nutritious items were supposedly favored by the beauties (Lin Daiyu, Xue Baochai and Jia Yuanchun) described in the story while the heavier dishes were a symbol of wealth during the historic period. 

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