Amoy Street has two crazy parties this week

Amoy Street’s famous Japanese-inspired cocktail bar Jigger & Pony, and its sister grill and rum bar Sugarhall, celebrate their anniversaries with back-to-back parties this week.

Sexy cocktail bar Jigger & Pony celebrates its third anniversary on Wed, May 6 with a triple bill of guest bartenders. On the roster are Proof & Company’s David Cordoba, Shanghai’s Union Trading Co bartender, Yao Lu and Match’s newest star, Ricky Paiva, formerly of Manhattan.

Next door, Sugarhall has its first birthday on Thu, May 7. The grill and rum bar will launch its exclusive Berry’s Caribbean rum, which has been distilled and bottled specially for the restaurant, with a slew of new cocktails created for the 17-year-old Caroni blend. There will also be a two-bartender shift happening that night with Sugarhall’s Jackie Lo treaming up with her real-life partner, Yao Lu.

Prepare your livers.