Go on a Binchotan binge at this new sumiyaki restaurant in town

Joining the select (but growing) portfolio of dining establishments in Shaw Centre is another new concept from the Les Amis Group—one that’s set to be a literal hot favorite. Jinjo is a modern sumiyaki restaurant parked on the second level of the mall, boasting a specialization in Japanese charcoal-grilling and exclusive sake pairings.

Heading the kitchen is veteran washoku chef Makoto Saito, combining a heart for tradition with Japanese charcoal-grilling mastery. Look forward to his prefecture-focused menu, featuring premium ingredients sourced straight from local Japanese seafood purveyors. Bites like the creamy, grilled Yaki Goma Tofu ($6) are great palate openers; but it’s dishes like the premium white fish Nodoguro ($26) and sweet potato Satsuma-Imo ($20) that really bring out Jinjo’s flair for the charcoal grill. For hungry diners, there are plates like Seseri ($18)—a Miyazaki-style grilled chicken neck dish—and Donabe (from $35), a hearty claypot of scorched short-grain rice, topped with your choice of indulgent meat—unagi, Hokkaido King Crab, ad even US 400-day grain-fed Angus sirloin and truffle.

The beverage menu, too, was curated to be an essential part of the Jinjo experience. Hop over to the 7-seater bar counter and dip your toes in the extensive sake selection that ranges from aged to sparkling sakes (from $78 a bottle). Better yet, don’t miss the exclusive Jinjo sake—a limited-edition, 500-bottle exclusive brewed just for the restaurant, by Tatenokawa brewery in the Ginjo prefecture of Yamagata.

Jinjo is located at #02-19/20 Shaw Centre, and is open Tues to Sun (12-3pm, 6:30-10:30pm). More information here.