Jones The Grocer now carries Tuscany’s La Molina Chocolates

Jones the grocer (#01-12 9 Dempsey Hill, 6476-1512) has introduced an new range of chocolates with funky packaging from Italy called La Molina. This Tuscan chocolatier is famed for its unusual taste combinations such as blended dark chocolate with peanuts, mint or orange and nougat with hazelnut, all inspired by the Tuscan food tradition. The specialty food grocer carries several of La Molina’s range including the Love series which features a mixture of dark and milk chocolate with a mouth watering mix of top grade cacao and sweet notes of vanilla or elegant cinnamon. There are the 40g squares as well. These come in 6 different flavors. For the truly health conscious, there are sugar free bars and don’t forget to try the coffee filled bite sized squares to keep the cravings away.