Keong Saik now has an Indian restaurant

With these many fancy bars serving up strong cocktails on Keong Saik, it’s a wonder there hasn’t been a stomach-fortifying Indian restaurant on the strip sooner. Well, now there is one, thanks to the folks behind French restaurant Balzac Brasserie. (Don’t worry, they aren’t doing a complete 360; their French bistro is reopening at Pinacotheque).

Meanwhile, Indline is a quick service Indian restaurant with a menu full of the usual suspects in a sleek-looking canteen space. You get to fill a customizable Indbox ($14.50) with Indian favorites like the buttery dal makhani ($5), made with red kidney beans and black lentils; garlic naan ($2.50); tandoori chicken tikka ($8); spicy lamb vindaloo ($9) with baby potatos; and perennial veggie favorite, palak paneer ($6).

The restaurant also has kati rolls ($8.50), an Indian wrap, with your choice of tikka or kebab, as well as samosas ($5) and onion bhaji ($4). We hear the mango and rose lassis ($4) are pretty awesome, too. For those with a sweet tooth, you can get your dose Indian desserts in the form of kulfi ($4) and sweet gulab jamun ($4).

No Keong Saik establishment is complete without craft beer and this place has bottles of Brewdog punk IPA ($11) and Estrella Damm ($8) to go with all that spice.