This rare event takes diners on a journey to rediscover traditional Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes, elevated with a touch of modern finesse by distinguished veteran chefs

Housed within the eminent Goodwood Park Hotel, Min Jiang’s quality and time-tested Chinese culinary excellence have made them a steadfast icon of our local dining scene.

Come 18 – 25 May, Min Jiang will again be tantalising our tastebuds with the first-ever, once-in-a-lifetime 8-Hands culinary showcase that will bring diners on a journey to rediscover classic Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes.



8 Hands Culinary Showcase: A Rediscovery of Cantonese Classics will witness the union of four veteran Chinese chefs, each armed with between 20 to 40 years of experience in the art of Chinese cuisine.

The event presents a momentous opportunity to taste rarely seen traditional dishes that date back at least three decades.



Elaborate and labour-intensive, each of the event’s 19 highlighted dishes is also given an elevated touch of modern finesse by the distinguished chefs themselves.

Curated by Gourmet Ambassador Moses Lim, this singularly remarkable occasion brings together Hong Kong-born Chefs Chan Kwok, best known for helming Hua Ting Restaurant, Chin Hon Yin, who was instrumental in steering Li Bai’s success throughout the 80s and 90s, Chung Ho Shi, notably the Chinese Executive Chef of Golden Peony, and Min Jiang’s very own Chef Chan Hwan Kee.



Dig into highlights such as Black Angus Beef Rolls stuffed with Enoki Mushrooms, with Deep Fried Shredded Yam and Prawn Spring Rolls, Crispy-fried Milk Custard, Pan-fried Australian Scallops stuffed with Minced Shrimps, Double-boiled Bird’s Nest in Minced Chicken Broth with Yunnan Ham, Diced Chicken and Crabmeat, and Steamed Rice Vermicelli with Tiger Prawn and Ikura on Egg White.



All set menus will round up your dining experience with an exquisite Baked Peony Flower Red Bean Pastry and Min Jiang’s beloved signature: their Durian Glutinous Rice Ball filled with D24 goodness.


Diners will get to choose from three set menus for four, six, and ten persons.


For more information on 8 Hands Culinary Showcase: A Rediscovery of Cantonese Classics, visit their dedicated site here.