A super-modern Indian restaurant is coming to the National Gallery

Modern Indian restaurant Saha opened to much hype and excitement last year on Duxton Hill, but the chatter petered out, thanks in no small part to the dissimilar company (party spots like Lucha Loco and vodka bar Buyan downstairs). We hope its inventive approach to a hard-to-change cuisine will be better noticed at the National Gallery where it has recently moved.

It’s not as crazy as Gaggan (the modern gastronomy temple and Asia’s Best Restaurant in Bangkok) but Abhijit Saha’s restaurant takes time-honored regional Indian dishes and recasts them in interesting, light and sometimes deconstructed ways for both vegetarians and ominvores alike. If you’re new to the concept, then try crowd-pleasers like the vegetarian tandoori baked brie ($20), with hot and tangy chutney; pan-seared kokum and pepper duck breast ($38) and Bengali-style red snapper curry ($32). 

To book a table or to find out more, head to their website