Mod Sin restaurant Labyrinth is getting a new menu and home

The local chef behind Restaurant Labyrinth constantly pushes Mod Sin boundaries by elevating local dishes with gastronomic finesse. Here he tells us what’s happening at his restaurant this month and what he’s up to at food festival Savour.

Labyrinth’s been around for over a year. What’s next?
Labyrinth will be releasing a new menu in March with new dishes, a remake on classic favorites and a new menu structure to enhance our diners’ dining experience. It will also be relocating to a new, bigger dining room with a very different feel to the current one. Details to follow.

What’s the direction of the new menu?
The direction and creative process will remain the same, but we are working on smaller, more sophisticated dishes. We are also researching seasonality in Singapore and the use of local produce in line with our seasons.

Where do you get inspiration for your Mod Sin dishes?
Inspiration can come from a single ingredient, a flavor or an idea. But the main source of inspiration comes from being a Singaporean who lives to eat, the memories, emotions and culture of growing up in Singapore and what quintessentially makes us Singaporean.

What hawker stall never fails you?
I always love my economical bee hoon breakfast at Shunfu Market, second floor. It’s simple fare but a weekly treat for myself.

If you could dine with one chef, dead or alive, who would it be?
Ferran Adria, assuming someone can translate for us. His vision, courage, creativity and understanding of local tradition and respect of ingredients are truly inspirational.

What can we expect from you at Savour this year?
I will be holding hands-on demo classes around the theme “Modern Asian Cooking at Home” and featuring dishes that diners can easily replicate at home.