Introducing new mini hotpots with four different soup bases, fans will also get to accompany their hotpot experience with new delicacies on the menu

Of the many regional culinary delights that we get here in Singapore, authentic, traditional Vietnamese food is one that may be harder to come by but is still equally enjoyed by our food-loving society.

Amongst the most popular names, Mrs Pho has been stealing hearts with their pho and other mouth-watering Vietnamese street food. Helmed by a Vietnamese Head Chef, their dishes come from home recipes that have been passed down for generations. Out to offer us a marriage of our love for hotpot and Vietnamese culture, Mrs Pho House presents a fresh concept with traditional Vietnamese hotpot and Vietnamese festive delicacies.



Introducing their new mini hotpots and an updated menu, diners can now indulge in Mrs Pho House’s unique soup bases without the need to gather the crew. In fact, you’ll even get to add variety to your hotpot experience with the option to share different mini pots with your date!

Fit for one to two persons, their new Mini Hotpot comes in four delicious signature soup bases, including the Seafood Crab Bisque Mini Hotpot, Vietnamese Coastal Style Salmon Mini Hotpot, Pepper Pork Collagen Mini Hotpot, and the healthy crowd-favourite Herbal Chicken Mushroom Mini Hotpot.



Apart from their popular hotpots, Mrs Pho House also boasts three new additions to their menu: the Crackling Pork Vermicelli with its perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy notes, a hearty Claypot Rice with Caramelized Minced Pork with Lemongrass and Chilli filled with the immense flavours of caramelized pork and an in-house blend of Mekong Delta spices, and the comforting Hanoi Style Chicken Pho, made with free-range shredded chicken and clear chicken stock for a light and tasty affair.


To find out more about their irresistible Vietnamese offerings, head over to Mrs Pho’s official website here.