Have a sensorial experience at Zouk Capital Kitchen

Pulsating dance music and high energy beats are not what you typically hear at an omakase dinner. 

Then again, this is Zouk.

The club, which transformed itself into a spin class venue, a cinema club and restaurant, recently introduced an Edomae Omakase pop-up experience at Zouk Capital Kitchen.

Edomae sushi originated in Tokyo in the 1880s, and usually involves some form of curing of the fish while keeping its raw texture, or a cooking element such as boiling and broiling to preserve it before serving. 

Chef Ryoichi Nakatani

This latest culinary concept is helmed by chef Ryoichi Nakatani, who has refined the art of Edomae sushi-making during his nearly 30-year career. 

The experience
SG Magazine was privileged to be invited to experience the pop-up.

We turned up for our 6pm slot (one of two seatings every night from Wednesday to Saturday), only to be greeted by two unsmiling faces at the entrance. They are probably used to dealing with unruly clubbers, not smartly dressed diners arriving for an omakase meal costing $250++ per person, I thought. 

Thankfully the rest of the evening was smooth sailing and filled with good vibes. Unlike zen-like Japanese restaurants, Zouk’s energetic music permeated the room. Depending on the days you choose, you might hear hip hop and R&B, Asian artistes, classic EDM or pulsating hardstyle tracks.

But since the table counter was located away from the main dining area, the music was not overwhelming. It made for an upbeat yet intimate environment without the stiff formality of fine dining—good for lively conversations and adventurous appetites.

The food
The 12-course menu comprises fresh seasonal ingredients flown in three times a week from Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo. 

Monk Fish Liver simmered in Red Wine and Abalone

We began with the cooked dishes—Monk Fish Liver simmered in Red Wine, and Charcoal-grilled Hamaguri Clam Isoyaki with Sea Urchin. 

This was followed by sushi highlights such as Zuke Maguro (marinated tuna), Botan Shrimp with Yellow Tobiko, and Aburi Scallop with Caviar. 

The Zuke Maguro nigiri is a speciality of chef Nakatani’s and no wonder, because it was a standout. Its bold red appearance signaled what was to come, a delicious buttery morsel bursting with rich umami flavour. 

IWA 5 with a selection of sushi 

The menu rounded off with a selection of Japanese seasonal fruits with sake jelly. A hand-picked selection of premium sake and Japanese whisky are also available, including IWA 5, a blended sake created by the former chief winemaker of Dom Perignon.

Edomae Omakase by Chef Ryoichi Nakatani at Zouk Capital Kitchen is available from Wednesday to Saturday, 6pm and 8.30pm. Reservations can be made here.