In-N-Out lookalike burger chain Fatburger will be launching in Singapore next month

You know that meme about copying homework and changing it up a bit so it isn’t obvious? Yeah, well this new massive burger chain that’s about to hit our shores didn’t quite get the memo. Los Angeles-based franchise FAT—which stands for “Fresh, Authentic, Tasty”—has built its own empire of custom-built, freshly made burgers, since it was founded by Lovie Yancey in 1952. And frankly it’d be dishonest not to acknowledge how similar it looks to a certain other West Coast-based burger brand.

But suspicions aside, let’s not discount a good burger till we’ve had it. With over 200 locations in more than 25 countries, Fatburger definitely has its own dedicated following; the fact that it’s gone on to expand beyond just the West Coast gives it a little street cred too. Come mid-September, the fast food chain will be adding Singapore to its list, landing with not one but two locations: OneKM (Sep 7) and Velocity @ Novena (Sep 14). Brought in by Singapore-based Deelish Brands, each one will be co-branded with Buffalo’s Express.

At the Singapore outposts, sink your teeth into Fatburger signatures like The Original in various sizes, The Skinnyburger (buns are substituted with beef patties), and the four-patty Quad Fatburger, also known as the XXXL Fatburger in the US. Each burger is cooked-to-order and customizable. Unlike In-N-Out, at Fatburger you have a choice of Fat Fries, Skinny Fries or Sweet Potato Fries, as well as homemade onion rings, to go with your burger. Drinks are the expected milkshakes, in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and oreo flavors.

, In-N-Out lookalike burger chain Fatburger will be launching in Singapore next month
Quad Fatburger

While In N’ Out and Fatburger may similarly pride themselves on a freshness that you don’t get from your commercial fast food chains, In-N-Out has always edged a little ahead for being more affordable. In the US, a Small Fatburger meal including fries and a drink comes to US$8.50, while a combo for a Cheeseburger with French fries and a medium drink at In-N-Out is just US$5.65—so don’t expect a dirt-cheap meal when you visit the new outlet in Singapore.

With New York’s Black Tap opening at Marina Bay Sands on Sep 1, this just means more internationally renowned players in the local burger scene. But it’s all good; competition for them only means more choices for us.

Fatburger Singapore will open at OneKM on Sep 7, and Novena @ Velocity on Sep 14. More information here.