Nando’s reveals their spiciest flavour yet

Like those who choose extra-hot might just have something to prove, your choice of spice at Nando’s can say a lot about you. Today, the popular restaurant chain has given its menu a bit of a shake-up with a brand-new spice level for all who’re game for a challenge.


, Nando’s reveals their spiciest flavour yet


For the uninitiated, Nando’s offers varying degrees of heat across five different PERi-PERi flavours on a daily basis: Extra Hot, Hot, Mild, Lemon & Herb, and Plain. Now topping Nando’s iconic PERi-ometer scale, the limited-edition Vusa XXHot flavour is their fiercest and spiciest yet.

Available while stocks last, the sauce adds a kick of intense heat to your meal with a recipe of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, lemon, and garlic. If you need to know, this red sauce measures approximately 175,000 Scoville heat units – so be warned, it can indeed get too hot to handle. Think chicken coated with a dark, fiery red sauce with chilli seeds peeking through.


, Nando’s reveals their spiciest flavour yet


Perfect for fans, quell the intense heat with an array of bottomless sides. On top of their free-flow drinks, sauces, and frozen yoghurts, Nando’s now offers free-flow chips or rice alongside their flame-grilled chicken! What that also means is you’ll never run out of chips to swipe up every last bit of finger-licking good sauce.

Growing their own African Bird’s Eye Chilli straight from the source in Southern Africa, Nando’s is committed to bettering the community and empowering small-scale African farmers by giving them an additional source of income while providing the most authentic flavours – buying the chillies from these farmers at an unchanging, pre-agreed price all year round. The brand also actively supports independent artists, acquiring their works and designs for use in their restaurants around the world.


To find out more, head over to Nando’s website here now.