Also, stalls in the shape of food trucks serving a slew of international cuisine.

We are blessed (or cursed) in a way to be living on an island that's constantly sunny and humid (and occasionally rainy). Haven't we all dreamt of enjoying a meal outdoors while taking in the wonderful things each season has to offer? Well, with the new communal establishment Picnic, this is probably closest we will ever get to experiencing the wonderful seasons without leaving the country.

You might think it's just another food enclave, like Timbre+ and Japan Food Town, but this one has a pretty interesting concept. This space located at Wisma Atria, "acclimatizes" according to the four seasons, so expect an entirely new décor and food options (pumpkin-spiced latte for fall, maybe?) every three months or so. The space has three distinctive sections: Flower Gardens, where you will see dense flora seeping through the entire area; Picnic Park, which imitates a picnic setting with its grass carpeting and lush greenery on the walls and the Beer Garden, perfect for perfect for casual get-togethers or even dates.

Food-wise, you’ll be spoilt for choices with food truck-looking stalls, offering you a smorgasbord of tantalizing treats from all over the world such as Butadon, a Hokkaido rice bowl that has three cuts of grilled pork; Italian Rigatoni pasta, which is flambéed in a pink vodka sauce and a Ko-Mex inspired pork belly taco which is finished off with a zesty lime-onion relish and salsa. Another highlight has to be their coffee bar, which follows in the footsteps of the third-wave coffee by day and turns into a wine and cocktail bar by night.

Picnic (#03-15-49 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd.) is open daily from 10am-10pm. Here's a glimpse of how the place looks like:

Dine amongst rich flora

Have a "picnic" without Singapore's merciless sun

A culinary expedition awaits

Have a tipple or two at their industrial chic bar