New grill Burnt Ends opens on Teck Lim Road

New Teck Lim Road grill Burnt Ends is now open, helmed by Australian chef David Pynt who has worked at respected dining establishments such as St John Bread and Wine in London and Noma in Copenhagen.

At an 18-seater backed by award-winning chef Andre Chiang and hotelier Loh Lik Peng, chef Pynt dishes out items like the Burnt Ends Sanger ($20), a brioche bun filled with pulled pork, and the unusual smoked quail eggs ($6). The food is cooked on three bespoke metal grills—with adjustable heights—and a custom-made brick and ceramic oven.

Desserts are incorporate smoked flavors also, with creations including the smoked ice-cream with wild hibiscus ($10). To drink, find beers such as Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale ($16) and a decent selection of wines (from $15/glass, $78/bottle).