NEW! from I-S Magazine: Singapore’s Best Kept Secrets

The latest cover story in I-S Magazine gives you the lowdown on Singapore’s lesser-known food and beverage businesses from restaurants and bars to supper clubs.

There are speakeasy-style watering holes with hidden entrances such as Japanese bar Horse’s Mouth, bespoke cocktail specialist Bitters & Love and affordable center for trainee barkeeps ABSS Bar.

Besides that, we reveal when you can get free-flow beers at Jungle Beer Brewery, how you can try unusual suds at Cult Beer Club and when roaster Liberty Coffee opens as a retail outlet.

For added street cred, also read about off the menu items at popular restaurants like the Frutti di Mare at Cugini, Lambgasm at Artichoke Café + Bar and Sambal Belimbing at Immigrants. Or indulge in the most covert meals of all at supper clubs like lolla’s secret suppers and Khana Commune.

To find out more, read the full story.