Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? As much as we love the spate of new F&B joints popping up everyday, there’s some respect to be had for a restaurant that’s stood the test of time in tumultuous Singapore, and continued to keep things fresh for its loyal fans. Every month, we scope out some of your best-loved places for the new menus they’re bringing to the table.

Burger & Lobster Raffles Hotel Arcade

, Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

Our favourite London-hailing burger and lobster chain goes even more luxe at its new Raffles Arcade location. Not only does it offer its more options, it also boasts a much larger space and a new outdoor bar set-up. Find the Fresh Seafood Platter ($120) which is perfect for sharing among seafood enthusiasts thanks to some freshly shucked oysters, half a lobster, king crab legs and more; as well as the Raffles-exclusive Laksa Lobster ($70) that returns after being a National Day special at their Jewel outlet. Then there’s the Uni, Lobster & Caviar Lobster Roll ($50), a lavish reinvention of the Original Roll ($40) which is also available among other signatures. Now also a good spot for brunch, Burger & Lobster Raffles Hotel Arcade serves a Lobster Rosti ($18), that comes with guacamole and lobster meat chunks atop the pan-fried potato fritter.

Fat Cow

, Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

A new, seasonal 12-course omakase menu ($250) inspired by fall has arrived at this much-lauded Japanese steakhouse. The Kumamoto Wagyu—Aki Matsuri Omakase Set Dinner is an inviting showcase of some of the most well-loved menu items, alongside brand-new and exclusive dishes. Just savour the Seiro Mushi, a bamboo-steamed beef with ponzu sauce served medium rare, and the Sukiyaki, a flavourful striploin sukiyaki with black truffle and a runny yolk. A restaurant signature that’s also on the omakase menu is The Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich, which is essentially an incredibly tender Wagyu steak served between two ultra-light pieces of toast. And the unforgettable Chef’s Special Donabe Truffle Meshi definitely has our vote (and heart). Available till Nov 17, head down to Fat Cow to enjoy the special offerings by Chef Shigeru Kasajima, and eagerly anticipate some of the dishes’ return in 2020.

Mona Lounge

, Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

This hip and hidden ‘80s Hong Kong tribute bar has outdone itself with its latest cocktail menu. Sectioned into Drinks, Mains and Desserts, you’d be forgiven if you initially thought this was their dining menu too—but therein lies Head Bartender Edwin Poh’s concept. Choose to enjoy your tipples here by the glass, or as a three-course set for $52. Under the Drinks category are more familiar flavours, though done with an oriental touch. The Homemade Soup ($22), made using Chrysanthemum-infused gin, wolfberries and osmanthus jelly, among other ingredients, is a great first drink that doesn’t skimp on complexity. Try the Songstress ($20) too, that’s a pi pa gao take on the Old Fashioned.

Stick to Drinks if you’re not adventurous, though we’d say it’s the Mains that truly impresses. Here you’ll find drinks like My Favourite Roast ($22), a cocktail assembled to resemble char siew rice. It’s mind boggling how it tastes so much like the perennial dish, complete with smokiness, chilli hit, and even the lingering vegetal cucumber notes. A side of pork belly, served over fire, is just icing on the cake. Not convinced? Go for the Supper Sipper ($22), essentially an alcoholic bak kut teh, that more resembles broth than cocktail. A you tiao piece, sourced from nearby Amoy, completes the picture. The Desserts are mostly safe orders, with their names giving you a good idea of what to expect. The Black Sesame ($20) is a creamier (and alcoholic) take on the Cantonese paste dessert, while the Sweet Soup ($20) closely resembles cheng teng, and made better with whisky. You won’t find any other bar like this.

The Pelican

, Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

Proving that meatless doesn’t translate to flavourless is The Pelican with their new, meat-free sides menu. Check out the Beyond Quarter Pounder ($32) which features a Beyond meat patty (duh), Monterey Jack cheese and sauteed mushrooms; and the Chilli Crab-Less Cake ($16) that comes layered with an addictive sweet-and-spicy chilli crab sauce. Give the Cheese Stuffed OmniMeat Balls ($18) and Fried Wanton with Lychee and OmniMeat ($12) a try too.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Singapore

, Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

For a classic American wine and steak meal, Wolfgang’s new The California tasting menu ($280 inclusive of wine) is a real treat. Your course starts with a freshly shucked Fine De Clair Oyster, served over ice, and paired with a glass of fruity and lively Merryvale Carneros Chardonnay from Napa Valley. The main course then features three different 120g cuts of USDA Prime beef—sirloin, ribeye and tenderloin—paired with three reds (a pinot, grenache and cabernet sauvignon) from Napa winemaker Orin Swift. While the fattier cuts are fantastic, it’s the leaner sirloin cut that, surprisingly, stands out thanks to a perfectly-executed crust, making it crispy on the outside and tender inside. If you’re not full by then—you should—the sides of fries, sauteed mushrooms and spinach will make sure of it. Remember to leave room for the New York Style Cheesecake, paired poignantly with a glass of Joseph Phelps Eisrebe, also from Napa. The apricot and honey notes from the dessert wine layers nicely upon the light cake that’s served with a side of cream. Like we said, it’s a real treat.


, Eat new in November: All the new menus at old favourites right now

New Head Chef Ng Sen Tio of Yan definitely has a fondness for pumpkin, featuring it in a couple of his new dishes—but we’re not complaining. The Cantonese restaurant continues to serve warm, hearty dishes, like the comforting Golden Pumpkin Broth with Seafood & Chicken Paste Beancurd ($18) and the Wok-fried Local Lobster with Homemade Pumpkin Sauce ($18 per 100g). There’s also the Fried Minced Duck Meat & Cuttlefish Paste in Egg Pancake ($14), a forgotten dish that’s been revived to offer a deep-fried cutlet of roast duck meat, cuttlefish, and diced water chestnuts wrapped in an egg crepe. But what we can’t say no to is the House Special Local Lobster Porridge with Clams and Puffed Rice ($18 per 100g), an aromatic and flavourful seafood stew with softened rice. Everything here is best consumed on a cold, rainy day.