This new plant-based meal subscription service wants to help you and the environment

It sounds like a first world problem, but thinking of what to eat every single day can get tiresome. Not to mention, choosing between dining in and takeaway are now part of the equation. No doubt, such a dilemma can be resolved through meal prep—but it can still be a hassle (you’ve got to have enough Tupperware containers to spare, after all). So what do we suggest? A round of Insane Meals.

Insane Meals is this new, plant-based food subscription service that brings convenient ready-to-eat meals right to your doorstep twice a week. Whenever your stomach calls out, just pop lasagnes, burgers, meatballs, and even Mala Xiang Guo into the microwave for three minutes—and they will be ready to satiate your hunger. If you prefer to have plant-based meals every alternate day instead, the food can be housed in the freezer and reheated when the day comes.

, This new plant-based meal subscription service wants to help you and the environment

Now, granted, plant-based meals are uncommon to our palate. However, they aren’t just healthy for our gut—immune system, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels—but great for the environment too. Not only do plant-based options reduce greenhouse gases, they also preserve water and land. With all that in mind—and how they taste exactly like meat—what’s there not to love about it?

Another thing commendable about Insane Meals’ subscription service is the company’s dedication to exploring environmentally friendly alternatives. Besides finding ways to reduce carbon footprint through food and fuel-saving delivery, Insane Meals also utilises sustainable food packaging. The paper boxes, ice packs and insulation used via its delivery can be returned to Insane Meals upon the next meal delivery. Should subscribers prefer to keep them, they can do so as well since the packaging is reusable.

Therefore, if healthy and planet-saving fare sounds scrumptious to you, you can look at Insane Meals’ two food subscription plans. Its Everyday meal plan delivers 12 meals a week from $204; while its Flexi meal plan delivers six meals a week from $108. Menus are refreshed weekly.

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