A new restaurant blooms at Gardens by the Bay

Providing an elevated fine dining experience with a unique charm, Marguerite by Chef-Owner Michael Wilson celebrates craft, provenance and produce from within the lush garden surrounds of our iconic Flower Dome, occupying the former premises of Pollen.

The restaurant’s use of handcrafted wooden vessels, rough-edged plates and uneven ceramics to showcase Chef Wilson’s creations proudly champion the craft and craftsmanship of local and international artisans.


, A new restaurant blooms at Gardens by the Bay


Using clarified juices and fermented teas, their exceptional non-alcoholic temperance beverages brilliantly match the complexity of their alcoholic counterparts and are a must-try.

Juiced Granny Smith apples are infused with shiso and hay to mimic a Sauvignon Blanc, caramelised Gala apples and verjuice are cooked with celeriac, clarified and infused with oak chips to resemble a lighter version of Chardonnay, and apricot, pineapple and Chamomile Jun tea reveals itself as a wonderful substitute for Sauternes.


, A new restaurant blooms at Gardens by the Bay


Marguerite’s menu highlights the best qualities of individual ingredients through dishes that look deceptively simple but are teeming with layers of textures, flavours, and temperatures with each bite.

Their beautiful snack quartet includes the likes of Watermelon Ravioli filled with goat cheese and pistachio, and Black Trumpet Cigar seasoned with housemade mushroom garum.


, A new restaurant blooms at Gardens by the Bay


Highlights like the Langoustine, Fagottini, Kohlrabi and Consommé course features Scottish langoustine-filled parcels paired with charcoal-roasted kohlrabi atop smoked consommé, finished with sea lettuce and Espelette pepper.

Their Tropical Fruit Vacherin dessert is presented in the delicate form of a Marguerite flower – a nod to the restaurant’s namesake – featuring coconut-flecked meringue petals with a yoghurt bavarois and mango-passionfruit sorbet centre, finished with notes of pineapple, young coconut, ginger flower-kaffir lime leaf oil and a final garnish of baby coriander.

To complete the experience, enjoy a gorgeous medley of Mignardises served on a trolley. Amongst the treats are selections like Sour Cherry Pâte De Fruits, Financiers seasoned with fennel seed, Macarons with 18-month aged Comté cheese and apple chutney, and good ol’ Strawberry Marshmallow biscuits.


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