Alongside innovative new sushi creations and fresh sashimi, we'll bet you've never tried cakes like theirs

A well-known fact about Singaporeans is our love for food, regardless of geography or culture, and fresh experiences. And even with selections as diverse as ours, Japanese food easily counts itself amongst our top favourite cuisines.

In a mission to offer us a marriage of both our loves, the new Kozen Sushi Bar & Restaurant enters the scene by opening at the up-and-coming Flanders Square food enclave, inheriting the colours of the trendy district’s storied past.



Serving up a medley of delicious nigiri, maki, and sashimi platters with unforgettable twists, the new restaurants offers foodies both conventional Japanese delicacies and interesting new flavours.

Arguably their most popular dish, the Birthday Sushi Cake is a unique, savoury cake with fresh sashimi layered over sushi rice tossed in tobiko. Freshly imported and skilfully prepared, their Sashimi Platters are also delicately arranged to the brim with an array of red and white fish, presenting both lean and fat cuts.



If you’re having trouble deciding, but still want to have a good taste of what Kozen has to offer, go for their Kozen Sushi Set, a thoughtful curation of their signature sushi so you get to enjoy the most well-rounded tasting experience with them. For an unconventional twist, try their Foie Gras Salmon Roll, where foie gras and salmon are flambéed to smoky perfection, accompanied with avocado and fried tempura flakes, and Unagi Avocado Roll, with generous amounts of unagi, avocado, and tobiko.


For richer, lux flavours, there’s always the Salmon Foie Gras Don and Wagyu Don to satisfy your appetite.


To find out more about what this new sushi restaurant has to offer, visit their website here.