Try Argentinian dishes, Israeli street eats and even comforting Cantonese delights

Despite how volatile our local F&B scene is, there’s no denying that it gives diners some of the best options around—consistently—if we do say so ourselves. Below, we list some of the newest places in town that are sure to entice you this December. During this final month of 2020, look forward to new levels of spice and fire-themed dishes at spots all across Singapore.



Boasting three dynamic concepts under one roof, 1-Group’s latest opening of 1-Atico is bound to wow you. Flit between three locations perched atop Ion Orchard that promises unparalleled views of the city. First, there’s Fire and FLNT; the former is an Argentinian restaurant serving wood-fired dishes featuring meats and seafood, while the latter is a Japanese-Peruvian sumiyaki bar dishing out sake, cocktails, and binchotan grilled items.

Then there’s the highly-anticipated 1-Atico Ultra-Lounge, a vibrant entertainment centre that will only greet the city in early 2021. Head down for a taste of the two fiery concepts before returning in January to check out the lounge.

Menbaka Fire Ramen Singapore


Giving locals a reason to head up to the fifth floor of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard this year-end is the world’s first-ever fire ramen, Menbaka Fire Ramen. Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, Menbaka’s signature bowl is the Shoyu Fire Ramen that treats patrons to an unconventional dining experience. Witness chefs ladle negi oil that (literally) go up in flames over the signature Japanese soup, then tuck into the resulting smoky broth served with a generous topping of green onions and a slice of chashu. Meanwhile, the Singapore exclusive Tonkotsu Fire Ramen may please those with a preference for rich and creamier soups.

This is what happens when a chef at the Kyoto restaurant pours negi oil on ramen

Miznon Singapore


If the name Miznon rings a bell, it is probably because you’ve heard of its existence in cities across the globe like Tel Aviv, Paris, Melbourne and New York. Now, finally get a taste of the famed pitas and Isareli dishes thanks to the opening of Miznon Singapore by MasterChef Israel’s Chef Eyal Shani. The first outlet in Asia won’t offer anything short of noteworthy items; enjoy stuffed pitas like the Ratatouille which is brimming with air-fried vegetables, as well as the crowd favourite Steak & Egg that’s filled with seared slices of sirloin steak and a piece of perfectly fried egg.

The Hraime stew is also worth a try; tuck into a Moroccan-style stew boasting a barramundi fillet served with a side of pita, tahini, green chilli dressing and cilantro. Here’s the best part: at Miznon, always feel free to help yourself to free servings of pita bread, tahini and green chilli dressing. That’s already reason enough to head back for multiple visits.

Restaurant Euphoria


Having left one Michelin-starred Corner House after helming its kitchen for six years, Chef Jason Tan has officially struck out on his own with the debut of Restaurant Euphoria. Tan introduces Gastro-Botanica 2.0, a new chapter of cuisine featuring meatless base sauces made from pure botanical extractions and reductions.

Learn about the thoughtful culinary philosophy of the highly acclaimed chef through dishes like the signature Oignon Jamboree that features five different types of onions on the same plate, Legumes Essence as the sauce and a spoonful of Oscietra Prestige Caviar. Other highlights include Bomba Rice with Mirugai, Seaweed, Capsicum and Fermental Rice; Maine Lobster with Carrot, 5 Spice, Saffron and Legumes Vin Blanc; and for dessert, Celery Lemon Granita with Goma Foam and Olive Oil.

TamJai SamGor


Up for a spice-fueled challenge? Then head down to any of Tamjai SamGor’s three latest outlets (Bedok Mall, Chinatown Point and Vivocity) in Singapore to try up to 10 levels of spiciness which are offered in all broth flavours available. There’s the popular Ma La Soup that needs no introduction, although the Tangy Tomato Soup and smoky Wu La Soup are very much worth the hype too. Then add the signature, chewy mixian noodles to your bowl before selecting your choice of toppings (including sliced pork belly, beancurd sheet and enoki mushroom) to perfect your very own meal combination. It doesn’t get anymore comforting than this.